A peaceful, strengthening holiday is awaiting you at Kalevala Brasil

In the lap of the mountains of Brasil there is a peaceful place called Kalevala, where you have the possibility to spend a relaxing holiday.

Kalevala is located in the small town of Goncalves, in the south-eastern part of Brasil. Goncalves lies in the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, which are in the state of Gerais. It takes about 3,5 hours to drive the 190 kilometres from Sao Paulo to Kalevala. The farm is located 1600 metres above sea level and the refreshing winds from the mountains and the clear air make the heat feel more comfortable.

Kalevala is built to be an oasis of wellbeing, where you will find it easy to let go of the rush of everyday life. There you are allowed to be at one with your own thoughts or you can spend time with your family members, enjoy the rainforest nature of the mountains, the services of the farm, sun and tasty Brasilian home made food. There are no tourists or tourism in Kalevala and because of that you can find peacefulness and tranquility – not forgetting the Finnish sauna.

The farm is surrounded by sunny mountains, it is full of wonderful flowers and there you find the beautiful little houses with terraces, decorated with mosaic. The small pools, numerous types of trees and flowering bushes highlight the verdant scene of the yard and garden. There are also many kinds of labyrinths and by walking there you can focus on the present moment and at the same time let go of the challenging thoughts of everyday problems. Your company will be songs of the birds, the sigh of the wind and the bubbling music of a small mountain stream.

The Finnish roots of Kalevala

The founder and owner of Kalevala Brasil, Marianne da Silva Prado is half Finnish. Her great-grandfathers from her mother’s side are the famous sculptor Emil Wikström and the founder of Helsingin Sanomat, Santeri Ivalo. The famous stone men in front of the Helsinki railway station are made by Emil Wikström. And Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest newspaper in Finland.

The name of Marianne´s 150 hectare farm is the result of her Finnish summer memories. The features and the mythology of the Kalevala became familiar to her on holidays in the greenery of Visavuori in Finland and Marianne´s creativity that so obviously comes from her Finnish roots and the stories of the Kalevala are touchable and visible in the surroundings of Kalevala.

Wellbeing and power from nature

Marianne was exhausted by the busy style of living in big cities and made up her mind to fulfil her dreams of a wellbeing holiday place. Today Kalevala is a holiday paradise serving travellers by taking care of them both spiritually and physically. Kalevala is nowadays also Marianne and her family’s home and her practise of LogoArt – therapy.

Marianne is the founder and educator of LogoArt – therapy. She has bound together Margareth Hauschka´s art therapy and Viktor Frankl´s logotherapy to be one of the most effective therapies. At Kalevala you and your group have the possibility to try this wonderful and powerful way of painting.

An ordinary day in Kalevala is like Sunday in a big family

The atmosphere that Marianne has developed on the farm is magical. She is the spiritual mother who shares love and joy and that is the reason why people want to come back year after year. In Kalevala you are more than a client, because you will be welcomed into the Kalevala family. Hugs and kisses, meals together with blessings, sitting near the fire with music – are everyday life in Kalevala.

In addition to wellbeing holidays they arrange different kinds of camps both for kids and for adults in Kalevala. It is possible to accommodate more than 60 people and there is space for seminars and a restaurant for 50 – 80 persons. The people living nearby like to arrange parties and celebrate special occasions in Kalevala because of the nice restaurant, the small chapel and the beautiful surroundings.

There are three ateliers in Kalevala. One of the biggest is reserved for Marianne and LogoArt. You can take part in LogoArt sessions alone or with the whole family for instance three times during your holiday. If you come to a LogoArt activity holiday you will have organized painting exercises in different themes led by Marianne.

A Finnish sauna in the rainforest sounds a little unbelievable but that’s what it is. In the sauna you experience strongly Brasil and Finland at the same time. From the terrace you can see the Brasilian verdant greenery and splendid nature with hydrangeas and orchids and the mountain stream. Inside the sauna you can experience the true magic of a Finnish summer cottage. A refreshing swim in the stream reminds you of ice swimming and good Brasilian beer tastes like beer at home in Finland. In the evening while walking back from the sauna you can see the twinkling stars as well as you see them in Finland on bright winter nights. The only things that remind you of Brasil then are the songs of the birds, the `music´ of the frogs and the twinkling fireflies.

The Labyrinth
Marianne’s vision is to offer the visitors a holistic relaxation and the possibility to calm down in the middle of hectic everyday life. That is why she has built three labyrinths to walk through in Kalevala. Small labyrinths decorate here and there. Marianne likes to tell stories of labyrinths and how they have given peace of mind to people over thousands of years.

Programme for children
You need not sit in front of the television or computer in Kalevala. The area of more than 10 hectares offers the children a really big place to play and have adventures. They arrange big camps for children in Kalevala and the farm is been built to stand children´s games.

You can find there a football field, swings, childrens´slide, trampoline, a small playhouse, three pools where you can swim and fish. Inside the main house there are different instruments to play and in the living room you may watch many kinds of movies. In addition to these things you have the trees, bushes and labyrinths to use in imaginative games.

Are you interested in hiking in the mountains or grilling food?
From Kalevala you can climb up into the nearby mountains, hike in the rainforest or just walk along the small roads. And if you don’t like to exercise you can enjoy the sun and fresh air and grill food in the many areas you´ll find there to do it.

The treasures of the Ateliers of Kalevala
The master of Kalevala, Paulo Bustamante, is a famous bamboo artist in the area. In his atelier you can see how he works, admire his work and buy souvenirs made of bamboo. He makes for instance beautiful bamboo lamps and different kinds of articles for using in the house. The other atelier, located near the main house belongs to Marianne´s son, Rafael Mifano, who is following his famous Finnish great grandfather, who was a sculptor. Rafael works by using a motor saw on the local pine, araucaria. He makes both realistic animal figures and fairytale figures. He is one of the very few saw artists in Brasil. Very big carvings he makes in his own yard nearby and people are welcome there at prearranged times.

Rafael has given exhibitions in Sao Paulo and in the future we hope to see his work also in Finland, maybe in Visavuori. As a souvenir you may buy for example those nice footstools that remind one so much of the Finnish handmade works.